Navigating 'Covid Normal'

The 'Navigating Covid Normal' online summit was held on 21st October 2020 as part of the Hume City Council Modern Online Business Program. 

This event was hosted live and included spot prizes and networking, so reference will be made to this aspect of the day in the recordings. If you feel sad that you missed out on this and you'd like to connect with others, please feel free to contact us, we love putting people in touch and enabling connections!

If you missed attending the event live, or simply wanted to go back and take another look, you may log in to your account and listen to each session again. If you're new to this page, you may access all this content for free by clicking the button below.

Why did we host an event like this?

Hume City Council are once again inviting local businesses to join a FREE online summit aimed at supporting our community through the disruption of Covid19 and looking to readiness and resilience for the future. 

Following on from the success of Part 1 of the Online Modern Business Program delivered back in July, where we saw over two hundred people join, Hume City Council have now set their sights on ‘Covid-Normal’. 

This time, we want to not only continue the theme of optimism, but look at what strategies businesses can take away and implement. We hope that by showcasing leadership, mental well-being, and many other business topics like customer experience or financial insights, we leave people feeling confident to ride out or even thrive through the next chapter.

What can I get out of this event?


The agenda for this summit has something for everyone, from data-driven look at the impact of Covid-19 on the Hume region and the road to recovery to a keynote session with Dr Kirstin Ferguson (Deputy Chair at the ABC, businesswoman, Forbes contributor, writer, former Air Force Officer and lawyer)

This event is for you whether you are a startup, scale-up or small to medium businesses in Hume City Council region. We will also highlight:

✓ Local business stories

✓ How to reassess your strategy

What to focus on now for recovery

✓ Practical steps to grow your network and community

✓ How Hume City Council are here to help

How do I access this event?

For those of you returning to watch the recordings, simply head to the top right and sign in, or click ‘My Dashboard’ if you are already logged in. You will see the course pop up, and once you click into the course you can resume where you left off or watch from the beginning again using the navigation menu on the left. 

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When you click the access button below, you will be taken to a payment page. This event is free so you will not need to pay - simply enter your details on the left and proceed through the steps. If you require further assistance, please reach out to us via the Marketing Entourage Facebook Page or at

What is it and who is it for?

This program is for business owners and entrepreneurs in the Hume City Council municipality. Developed specifically to help our business community navigate this time and into the future.

  • Hear from a diverse range of experts

  • Get practical tips you can apply to your business

  • Unite to ensure the sustainability of our businesses

  • Be inspired for what you can do in the digital realm

  • Learn tools that will help you get to the next level


  • 1

    Pre-event survey: please leave your feedback

    • We'd love your feedback so we can use it to improve our program
  • 2

    Offical Event Welcome - Sustainable Sally

    • Sustainable Sally, Former Brand Power presenter and sustainability advocate
  • 3

    Impact and trends of COVID-19 on the Hume City Council local economy (Rob Hall, Economist .id)

    • Welcome & The Impact of COVID-19 on our local economy with Rob Hall
  • 4

    Bold leadership in the age of Covid19 and beyond (Dr Kirstin Ferguson)

    • Keynote Speaker - Dr Kirstin Ferguson, Deputy Chair at the ABC, businesswoman, Forbes contributor, writer, former Air Force Officer and lawyer
  • 5

    Hume local business stories: The importance of the customer experience (Shaun Hutchinson, URBNSURF & Erika Hughes, Integra Systems)

    • Shaun Hutchinson, Ops Manager URBNSURF & Erika Hughes, Commercial Director, Integra Systems
  • 6

    Protect, Pivot, Promote: The business model guiding hospitality owners through Covid-19 (Brad Cooke, Foodie Coaches)

    • Brad Cooke, Head Marketing Coach, Foodie Coaches
  • 7

    Your mindset workshop (Chelsea Pottenger, EQ Minds)

    • Chelsea Pottenger, Founder and Director, EQ Minds
  • 8

    Panel - Bringing it altogether: Navigating Covid Normal (Domenic Isola, Hume City Council, Tim Piper, Industry Group & Erika Hughes, Integra Systems)

    • Domenic Isola, CEO, Hume City Council, Tim Piper, Victorian Head, Industry Group, Erika Hughes, Commercial Director, Integra Systems
  • 9

    Hume local business stories (Gavin Clifford, Ezy Foods & Michael Osborne, Sage Business Group)

    • Gavin Clifford, Co-founder and CEO, Ezy Foods/Ezy Chefs, Michael Osborne, Business and Wealth Strategist, Sage Business Group
  • 10

    Hume City Council: How we are here to help (George Osborne, Hume City Council)

    • George Osborne, Manager, Economic Development, Hume City Council

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