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How to prepare your business to benefit from tourism and the new visitor economy

The Regional Growth Project and a variety of regional businesses and organisations will be showcasing the impacts and trends seen from this disruptive time and bring together stories of resilience and practical examples of how to prepare and leverage the new visitor economy. 

The short, sharp 1-hour sessions will work through the visitor economy ecosystem, from regional tourism initiatives to how businesses on the ground can use these for sustainability and growth and finally share regional case studies. 

The term ‘visitor economy’ is a transition towards a new way of seeing and thinking about tourism. This sector is usually seen as serving people who are on holiday, sightseeing or recreation, however, if all types of visitors are considered that may stay away from home and include all types of requirements for their visit, we start to see different markets, needs and opportunities. Participants will be exposed to other regional business examples who are taking action to collaborate, provide excellent customer experiences and are seeing a positive impact in their business. 

Webinar 1 - The benefits of collaboration and adapting to the new visitor economy:

A discussion around the COVID shift, and trends we're seeing in buyer behaviour. The Wimmera Mallee tourist region share their innovative solutions to driving the visitor economy and supporting local businesses to utilise this, including local stories from Pink Nade who are seeing results.

Webinar 2 - Practical tips and examples that you can implement in your business today:

A deep dive into two transformative case studies that focus on the foundations of creating and implementing a marketing strategy, as well as showcasing the practical steps to build your digital presence and grow your community.

Introducing & Showcasing

Regional Growth Project and our initiatives aim to drive innovation and increase the competitiveness of outer metropolitan, regional and rural Australia by creating a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and business people who can come together with common challenges and ambitions for better business outcomes.

  • Local regional business success stories

  • How to leverage regional tourism initiatives

  • How to collaborate to achieve more impact

  • Marketing and customer experience tips and tricks

  • Practical steps to grow your network and community

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