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Master your marketing, step by step

If you just want some simple guidance to completing those digital marketing tasks you know you should do but haven't quite figured out how to master yet, you've come to the right place. No need to keep searching and reading through endless information that doesn't show you exactly what you need to do, let us help you master the marketing basics in these free step by step videos.

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If you just want a little guidance to get started with your digital marketing efforts. We'll help you:

  • Get your Facebook business page set up and ready to interact with your community

  • Understand why and how to post and boost posts on Facebook

  • Create eye catching designs

  • Get the size of your graphics and images right for each social media platform

  • Set up you Google my Business profile

  • Coming soon: Optimise your Google my Business profile for SEO

  • Coming soon: Set up your Google Analytics account

  • Coming soon: Understand how to use Google Analytics

  • Coming soon: set up your Google Ad account

  • Coming soon: more Google, more Instagram, more Twitter, more basics, more know how. Register now to be the first to access all of the new content

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Master your marketing, step by step

The experts at Marketing Entourage have two distinct advantages. They have worked with thousands of startups and small businesses to help them increase their entrepreneurial capabilities, especially when it comes to marketing.  With collective experience spanning four continents and over 100 years, these guys know what they're talking about and they've combined that with qualifications in teaching and building engaging online learning experiences.  These videos are short and sweet and model exactly what you need to do. This means you can squeeze them into your busy schedules and come back to them for reference. 

The end result is giving you the power to connect with your customers more effectively through digital which we hope results in better business outcomes for you. 

We've been helping people build better businesses for 5 years. We hope to see you in a virtual classroom soon!

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Why use Facebook for business

    • How to set up your Facebook business page

    • How to post on Facebook

    • How to boost a Facebook post

  2. 2
    • How to figure out sizing for social posts

    • How to design a duotone effect for your images

  3. 3
    • How to set up Google My Business

    • How to optimise Google My Business during COVID