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There are so many options and so much information about digital marketing and how businesses can benefit from it, however, it's hard to cut through all of the noise and understand exactly what will work for you and your situation. You could get busy posting on social for it not to result in anything or spend money on Google Ads only for it to drain your cashflow. You might have thought digital marketing might not work for you or not know where to start. This course is for you.
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Key Takeaways

What you will learn in this course

  • Know exactly where to start with digital marketing for your business

  • Determine the best strategy and tactics for your business

  • Finally understand what SEO is and how you can do this yourself

  • Know when to use Google Ads and how much to spend

  • Understand everything about social, the platforms, how to use them and when to use paid social

  • Learn why email isn't dead and how it's still an effective tool

  • Learn all of the technology tricks and tools that will make this easy for you

  • Learn what data you should measure and how it can become a powerful indicator for your business

  • Walk away with a plan of action that you can implement immediately

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is this for?

    This course is aimed at Pacific Island Businesses that want to learn the fundamentals of digital marketing. You might be a startup founder or business owner who wants to develop their knowledge so that you can apply it to your business or you might be looking to get into digital marketing. This course covers the fundamentals without going too heavily into the details, so if you're already a whiz on social or Google Ads, one of our other more advanced courses might be more appropriate.

  • Why will this course benefit me?

    With so many channels and opportunities to use digital marketing for your business it's hard to know where to focus that will give you the best results. This course will help you determine the best channel and tactic for your business based on your specific customers.

  • Why take a course with Marketing Entourage

    Collectively, we have over 50 years experience in marketing and significant experience in digital marketing. Coupled with our teaching qualifications and everyday real-life implementation of marketing systems for ourselves and our clients, we know how to make learning a subject relevant to the learner and applicable to their situation. We've also helped over 500 startups and businesses in the last three years and know what works.

  • How long does it take to complete?

    This is up to you. We've created the lessons in short, bite-sized chunks to make it easy for you to digest on the go and fit in with your busy schedules. Each module contains a maximum of 3 short 5-10 minute videos and a maximum of 3 activities. We estimate that it would take a maximum of 20 hours to complete but some might whiz through it in a few hours. Top tip - you can change the speed of the player if you're really in a rush.

  • What happens once I've purchased?

    You'll get sent an email to welcome you to our online school and this course. In that email you'll get information about joining the Facebook group and logging into the online system. You'll also get another email inviting you to participate in a kick off classroom session (which you're not obligated to attend) to help you get the most of this course. If you have any questions at all please feel free to email

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Intro to Digital Marketing

  • 2

    Strategy before action

    • Your business objective
    • Activity
    • Market Position
    • Activity
    • Lets cement that knowledge
    • What's your strategy?
  • 3

    Know your customers

    • Your ideal customers
    • Activity
    • Customer Persona Template
    • Lets cement that knowledge
    • Who are your target customers?
  • 4


    • Your website - Technical
    • Activity
    • Your website - UX
    • Activity
    • Customer Journey Map Template
    • Lets cement that knowledge
    • Your website is going to rock
  • 5


    • What is SEO?
    • Activity
    • SEO Optimisation
    • Activity
    • Lets cement that knowledge
    • Lets do SEO
  • 6


    • What are keywords?
    • Activity
    • Using Keywords
    • Activity
    • SEO Planning Tool
    • Lets cement that knowledge
    • What word do you want to be famous for?
  • 7

    Paid Search

    • Paid Search
    • Activity
    • Lets cement that knowledge
    • Why are you going to use search?
  • 8


    • Content Marketing
    • Activity
    • Content Strategy
    • Activity
    • Content Audit & Calendar Template
    • Lets cement that knowledge
    • Where are you a rock star?
  • 9

    Social Media

    • Social Media
    • Activity
    • Social interaction
    • Activity
    • Word of Warning
    • Paid Social
    • Activity
    • Lets cement that knowledge
    • Where will you get social?
  • 10

    Email Marketing

    • Email Marketing
    • Activity
    • Lets cement that knowledge
    • Where will email be useful for you?
  • 11

    Technology & Tools

    • Technology & Tools
    • Activity
    • Lets cement that knowledge
    • What's your tool?
  • 12


    • Data
    • Activity
    • Data Analysis
    • Activity
    • Lets cement that knowledge
    • What numbers matter to you?
  • 13

    Putting it all together

    • Putting it all together
    • Upping your game
    • Where are you now?
    • You've upped your game
  • 14

    Bonus Chapter: Impact of COVID-19

    • Using digital to survive & thrive


Sam Hurley

Co-Founder, Marketing Entourage

Sam Hurley

With over 20 years experience in international sales and marketing, Sam has worked in startups and corporations on four continents. A digital geek, she knows how to navigate the ever-changing marketing landscape so you don't have to. Sam has a Masters in Teaching so knows how to make education that's engaging and will stick! A former lead instructor for Digital Marketing at General Assembly and creator of The Startup Marketing Program, Sam loves to help and educate startups to get better results faster.

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