Create a pop up coworking location

Understand how to and create an action plan for your organisation

Brought to you by Flexible Workspaces Australia and Eastern Metropolitan Partnerships, powered by 25eight. This program aims to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to know what to do next in your journey of setting up coworking and pop-up coworking in your area. 

Live interactive workshop will be held on:

Thursday August 26th from 10am - 1pm

We're looking forward to you joining us!

Expert guidance and support

Delivered by an expert presenter entrenched in flexible workspaces and coworking who will share learnings, experience and inspiration in how to activate spaces and drive economic development.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome

    • How the System Works

    • How the Worksheets and Forms Work

    • Getting to Know You

  2. 2
    • Level Objectives

    • Getting Started

    • The Boosting Coworking Program

    • Who is FWA?

    • What is Coworking?

    • The Benefits of Coworking

    • Some Experiences of Coworking

    • Coworking Now and into the Future

    • Check your understanding

  3. 3
    • Level Objectives

    • Why Coworking Fails

    • Target Market

    • Target Market Examples

    • Worksheet - Target Market

    • Ecosystems

    • Worksheet - Ecosystem/Stakeholder Mapping

    • How Coworking Succeeds

    • Impact

    • Infrastructure

    • Worksheet - Impact & Infrastructure

    • Costs and Limitations

    • Making Sure You Have the Right People

    • Check your understanding

  4. 4
    • Level Objectives

    • Meet Mike Krassner

    • Meet Jessica Fulton

    • What Should You Consider When Going into a Pop Up Arrangement?

    • How Can Pop Up Coworking Spaces Collaborate With Other Brands?

    • What do You Look for in Staff?

    • How Can We Get Landlords on Board for Pop Up Coworking Spaces?

    • What are the Costs of Renting a Shop in a Shopping Centre?

    • What is the Gender Balance in Your Coworking Space?

    • What Feedback Have You Received From the Community and the Council?

    • Check your understanding

  5. 5
    • Innovative Partnerships

    • Worksheet - Blue Sky Thinking

    • Your Valuable Feedback

  6. 6
    • Form - Application for Funding to Boost Coworking 2021

    • Publicly available reports and case studies

    • Template for Council use to quantify the success of coworking initiatives

Your Instructor

CEO of Eastern Innovation

Danielle Storey

Danielle Storey is CEO of Eastern Innovation, an innovation hub in Mulgrave supporting entrepreneurs and innovation in the eastern region. She is the Chair of Eastern Metrpolitan Partnership and a founding Board Member and Tresaurer of Flexible Workspace Australia, the peak industry association for the felx and coworking industry nationwide. She is also a Committee Member of the RDA (Regional Development Australia) Melbourne Committee.