Reigniting the visitor economy

A FREE three-part webinar series dedicated to supporting Glenelg Shire Council business readiness and resilience

The ‘visitor economy’ is much broader than tourism, it is defined as any direct, indirect, and induced economic activity resulting from any type of visitor to our destination and their interactions. Shifting the lens on this allows for a new way of seeing opportunities and needs, but at the same time, it illustrates the potential ripple effect of the current climate. 

This series will share recent impacts and trend from this pandemic, whilst showcasing regional businesses and initiatives that take interesting or collaborative approaches around customer experience. Finally, we'll provide practical steps and pathways forward for support.

What is it and who is it for?

This program is for business owners and entrepreneurs in the Glenelg Shire Council municipality. It has been developed specifically to help our business community navigate this time and into the future.

  • Understanding the local impact of Covid19

  • Regional visitor economy business stories

  • How to start building or adapting your customer experience strategy

  • How to collaborate to achieve more impact

  • How to leverage regional and local initiatives

  • Practical steps to get support, grow your network and link to community

Program Overview

Webinar 1 - Setting the scene: Covid19 impacts and trends

Introducing the mindset need to become more business resilient, this discussion focuses on visitor flow and it's critical part in regional economies and the need for adaptability, with key facts and figures around the pandemic and buyer behaviour, specific to Glenelg Shire.

Webinar 2 - Customer experience: Good for business

Customer experience encompasses all the interactions between your business and customers over the entire duration of the relationship. This session introduces these concepts and ideas and showcases the journey, successes and challenges of two businesses who are on the frontline of the regional visitor economy and how they benefit from a customer experience focus.

Webinar 3 - Pathways forward: Taking action


Glenelg Shire Council talks through their current actions to support the local business community, alongside a wrap up of future initiatives and ways in which businesses can take practical steps forward. The session will also bring together regional representatives of business-focused organisations for an around the table discussion on the types of support available.


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    • Welcome!

    • Glenelg Visitor Economy survey

  2. 2
    • Webinar Part 1 - Recording

    • Liz Price, GOORT - Presentation - The Regional Affect

    • Rob Hall, Economist at .id - Presentation - The Glenelg COVID Impact

    • Sam Hurley, 25eight - Presentation - Buyer Behaviour

  3. 3
    • Webinar Part 2 - Recording

    • Sam Hurley, 25eight - Presentation - What is CX and why is it important for business?

    • Extra Resources from today's session

  4. 4
    • Webinar Part 3 - Recording

    • Glenelg Shire - Business resilience support resources

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