The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Earlier this year in May, we hosted a virtual business summit dedicated to supporting Hume City Council business resilience. The Hume Online Modern Business Program was a 3-part series held over three weeks. It involved a 1-hr introductory webinar on May 13th, a full-day summit on May 20th, and a pathways forward webinar on May 28th. All parts of this virtual event were recorded, so if you missed attending the event live, or wanted to go back and take another look, you may log in to your account and listen to each session again. We’ve also uploaded a few extra resources for your reference.

Why did we host an event like this?

In business, we strive to predict what the future holds so we can adjust our business models, processes, and teams accordingly. Yet few could have foreseen or planned for the impact of these interesting and disruptive times. We found ourselves in a volatile period, artfully balancing the mitigation of the immediate impact, protecting our staff and businesses, all whilst trying to strengthen our business resilience and preparing for the future.

While various forms of disruption can be found almost everywhere, there are common themes. Businesses will need to explore new ways of working, refine and adapt various aspects of their business model and most importantly at the core is optimism.

What can I get out of this event?


You will learn about digital technologies and how you can use them to adapt, refine and build a healthy and sustainable business. This event is for you whether you are a startup, scale-up or small to medium businesses in Hume City Council region. We will also highlight:

✓ Local business stories

✓ How to reassess your strategy

✓ How technology platforms can help save time, money and resources

✓ Practical steps to grow your network and community

✓ How Hume City Council are here to help

How do I access this event?

For those of you returning to watch the recordings, simply head to the top right and sign in, or click ‘My Dashboard’ if you are already logged in. You will see the course pop up, and once you click into the course you can resume where you left off or watch from the beginning again using the navigation menu on the left. 

If you are new to this platform and haven’t purchased your access yet, you’ll need to do this first in order to create an account (which will allow you to complete the steps above). Lifetime access for this event is FREE, whether your business operates in Hume City Council or not.

When you click the access button below, you will be taken to a payment page. This event is free so you will not need to pay - simply enter your details on the left and proceed through the steps. If you require further assistance, please reach out to us via the Regional Growth Project Facebook page or at [email protected].

What is it and who is it for?

This program is for business owners and entrepreneurs in the Hume City Council municipality. Developed specifically to help our business community navigate this time and into the future.

  • Hear from a diverse range of experts

  • Get practical tips you can apply to your business

  • Unite to ensure the sustainability of our businesses

  • Be inspired for what you can do in the digital realm

  • Learn the tools that will help you get to the next level

Program Overview

WEBINAR 1, 13th May 2020 - Navigating your business through different times

A panel discussion on the disruption facing Hume City Council businesses, and introduction to the inaugural Online Modern Business Program on Wednesday 20th May. The panel includes Michael Osborne (SAGE Business Group), Samantha Hurley (25eight Group) and Erica Hughes (Integra Systems), who bring together a diverse perspective on the current situation facing businesses, including financial, marketing and industry viewpoints.


SUMMIT DAY, 20th May 2020 - The Hume Online Modern business Program


A day-long series of events from on the impact of COVID, reassessing strategy, technology platforms and practical tips and know-how you can use in your business. The keynote speaker is John Hagel, management consultant, author, speaker and entrepreneur, who is the co-chairman of the Silicon Valley-based Deloitte LLP Center for the Edge.

WEBINAR 2, 28th May 2020 - Pathways to Success

This second webinar focused on advice and practical steps on how to move your business forward during 2020 and beyond. Speakers include Adrian Misiano (Matthews Steer), Nic MacHale (Brite) and Samantha Hurley (25eight Group).

Hosted by


  1. 1
    • Recording of the webinar from May 13th - Navigating your business through different times

  2. 2
    • Welcome & The Impact of COVID-19 on our local economy with Rob Hall

    • We'd love your feedback so we can use it to improve our program

  3. 3
    • Keynote Speaker - The COVID Shift - Making sense of the great reset with John Hagel

  4. 4
    • Local business stories with Nick MacHale and Glen Travaglini

  5. 5
    • The Pivot - How to reassess your strategy with Sam Hurley

  6. 6
    • How technology platforms can help you save time, money and resources with Emma Van Smale

  7. 7
    • Local business stories with Jo Carr and Ashley Beyer

  8. 8
    • Marketing tips and tricks with Kim Fernandes

  9. 9
    • How we help with George Osborne

  10. 10
    • How to grow your network and community with Mike Krassner and Vlad Finn

  11. 11
    • Panel - Domenic Isola, Sam Hurley, Paul Hughes

  12. 12
    • Recording - Pathways to Success (28th May)

    • Surviving and Thriving in a changing business environment

    • How COVID-19 could change consumer behaviour

    • How was your experience?

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