Getting you ready to maximise your trip

Enabling you to nail your pitch and market presentations

Welcome to the Landing Pads Pitch Training Program brought to you by Marketing Entourage. We are really excited to be running this interactive and collaborative online program with you all and look forward to the opportunity to getting to know more about your business.

The program

We have been working in collaboration with the Austrade Landing Pads team to help ensure that all participants maximise their Landing Pads experience. 

When you are in your chosen Landing Pad city there will be many opportunities to introduce your business to prospective customers, partners and investors. However, two of the common challenges for startups are how to ensure you clearly explain what you do, who you do it for and why you are better than the competition. 

This program will help your business stand out from the crowd by focusing on how to develop your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) and creating a pitch that explains your UVP in a compelling and engaging way. You will be equipped to clearly the problem and how you solve it.

The Pitch Training Program consists of five weekly online modules that have been designed to be as manageable as possible in your busy schedules. 

During each module you will be able to watch short videos and complete tasks to help you develop and consolidate your strategy and messaging into a coherent and effective UVP.

In addition, you can join Phil for a webinar session at 1pm every Friday where we will discuss that week's module and you can ask any questions you have related to that section or marketing and presenting your startup.

The program will supported by a slack channel provided by the Landing Pads team to help stay connected.


  • Increase meetings potential

    With customers, with partners, with investors. Get really clear on who you need to target, what you should say and what you want from the relationship.

  • Nail your marketing message

    Succinctly communicate your value proposition and share the specific benefits of your offering. What makes it unique in your market, and why people will love what you do.

  • Find your advocates

    Truly understanding your uniqueness and who will value you for what you do, will help you to find and build a loyal customer base. Hopefully, they'll end up doing your marketing for you!

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • A Message from the Facilitators

    • What the next few weeks look like

  2. 2
    • Intro - What is Marketing?

    • Intro - Who is Marketing Entourage?

  3. 3
    • Vision Part 1

    • Futures Triangle Example

    • Activities to complete

    • Vision Worksheet

    • Vision Part 2

    • Your Vision

  4. 4
    • Market Position Part 1

    • Market Position Part 2

    • Value Curve

    • Market Position Part 3

    • Value Curve

    • What are your key strengths?

  5. 5
    • Target Customers part 1

    • Customer Segmentation

    • Target Customers Part 2

    • Customer Persona Template

    • Target Customers Part 3

    • Customer development matrix example

    • Customer Development Matrix

    • Which people value what you do?

  6. 6
    • Brand Part 1

    • Brand worksheet

    • Brand part 2

    • Brand part 3

    • Brand part 4

    • Brand part 5

    • Brand part 6

  7. 7
    • Pitching Part 1

    • Pitching Part 2

    • Pitching Part 3

    • Final Check

  8. 8
    • We'd love to know if this was useful for you

  9. 9
    • Session Recordings

    • Webinar 1 - 26th July - Vision

    • Webinar 2 - 2nd August - Market Position

    • Webinar 3 - 9th August - Target Customers

    • Webinar 4 - 16th August - Brand

    • Webinar 5 - 23rd August - Pitching