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As restrictions ease we’re finding a new rhythm as a city. We’re re-opening our doors, finding new and innovative ways to operate and welcoming back excited Melburnians. Join industry experts in these interactive masterclasses as they help you develop a highly effective digital marketing strategy and action plan specific to your business to help you reach and connect with your customers online and deliver hybrid customer experiences. 

The masterclass is split into two, with the first focused on the development of your digital marketing strategy and the second focused on how you will put that into action.  In intimate and interactive sessions, you'll get hands on guidance and advice to develop the most effective action to help your business into 2021.

What we'll go through

These masterclasses focus on you taking action and will cover:

  • What you want to achieve

  • How you stand out

  • Who values your business & where to find them

  • What you should look and sound like

  • Which digital channels are right for you

  • What content you should be sharing

  • How to use data to refine your actions

  • How to find partnerships & collaborations to widen your audience

  • Which tools to use to help you pinpoint the exact actions

  • Which tools to use to help you manage your actions

How do I access this content?

If you are new to our  learning platform, you’ll need to create an account first. You can do this by clicking on any of the 'Enrol Now' buttons.

Once you’ve created an account, head to the top right and sign in, or click ‘My Dashboard’ if you are already logged in. You will see the ‘Mastering your digital marketing masterclass'  pop up, and once you click into this course you can navigate the two different sessions using the menu on the left.

If you have any further questions,  feel free to  reach out via email at

Masterclass content

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  • 2

    Masterclass 1: Mastering your digital marketing strategy

    • Recording of February 17th Masterclass session
    • Recording of February 18th Masterclass session
    • Recording of March 11th Masterclass session
    • Mastering your digital marketing Worksheet 1 - Google Sheets (make a copy)
    • Mastering your digital marketing Worksheet 1 - pdf
  • 3

    Masterclass 2: Putting your strategy into action

    • Recording of February 24th Masterclass session
    • Recording of February 25th Masterclass session
    • Recording of March 18th Masterclass session
    • Marketing Plan Template - Trello
  • 4

    How was your experience?

    • We'd love your feedback!
    • How was your experience?
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    Further Resources

    • Further resources - tech tools and links shared in chat
    • Discount on full Digital Marketing 101 online course
    • City of Melbourne Resources (including Digital Adaptation Program)

Further resources to help you

This program is a part of the City of Melbourne Business Support Program  here's some of the additional key info and support available:

If you have any questions or require further support, please contact the Business Concierge Service on 9658 9658 (press 1 for business). This service is available 7.30am to 6pm Monday to Friday or
 online anytime

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