Learn how to optimise your customer relationships and your business performance with digital

August 26th - September 4th

How can we use technology to make our lives easier, and get our businesses to perform at their best? We can develop better relationships with our customers so that more of them find us and then remain loyal to us, and we can use technology to help us minimise the day-to-day tasks that we have to optimise how we spend our time. Want to know how? Find out in this free online series.

Digital Innovation Festival - Online Series for modern small business

This online series is aimed at regional small business with various degrees of digital competency. Whether your business is equipped with just a website and Facebook page, or whether you have data-driven workflows and automation, this series is aimed at helping you to maximise customer relationships and business outcomes, and also minimise the time and effort you put into your business. 

Marketing Entourage, in partnership with Glenelg Shire Council and as part of the Digital Innovation Festival, have developed content based on their extensive experience in digital and working with small business. 

Who is this series for?

If you work for, or own, a small-to-medium business, and you're looking for budget-friendly ways to ensure your business flows as seamlessly as possible in this modern world, then this is for you. The series is for...

  • Those that don't have the time to implement or maintain digital solutions

  • Those don't have the budget for digital

  • Those that don't think they have the skills to implement or maintain digital solutions

  • Those that don't understand digital marketing or how to do it well

  • Those that are currently using digital but want to further optimise

What will we cover?

From better understanding the needs of your customers to getting a better return on investment, we'll chat through how using digital can enhance your modern small business

  • Use data to full understand your customers what their needs are, their behaviours and interactions with your business

  • Improve communication and customer relationships, developing customers that love what you do

  • Increase brand awareness and the number of people talking about your business, create a place for advocates to have a voice

  • Increase the number of leads and customers

  • Sell and/or deliver your product of service online to more people

  • Better inform people of your product and/or services

  • Better manage employees and company culture

  • Get a better return on your marketing spend

  • How you can manage and publish content (information, images, digital assets, documents or videos

  • Better manage your inventory or service offering

Online Series Content

  1. 1
    • Welcome Video

    • Online Series Agenda

  2. 2
    • Customers, Customers, Customers

    • Customers, Customers, Customers Recording

  3. 3
    • Linking Traditional & Digital Marketing

    • Linking Traditional with Digital Marketing Recording

  4. 4
    • Digital Platforms & Tools

    • Digital Platforms & Tools

  5. 5
    • Putting it all together

    • Putting it all together

  6. 6
    • We'd love to know what you thought in this short survey

  7. 7
    • Portland Business Hub 6pm 12th September