Next cohort starts on 22nd February

Nail your pitch for every situation

Welcome to the popular Pitch Training Program powered by Marketing Entourage. We are really excited to be running this interactive and collaborative blended learning experience with you all and look forward to the opportunity to get to know more about you and your business.
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The program

We have adapted our pitch training program to help you refine your pitch and effectively communicate your value to the people you serve. 

The most common challenges for many businesses is how to ensure you clearly explain what you do, who you do it for and why you are better than the competition. 

This program will help you stand out from the crowd by focusing on how to develop your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) and creating a pitch that explains your UVP in a compelling and engaging way. You will be equipped to clearly define the problem and how you solve it.

The course consists of five modules with activities aimed to be completed on a weekly basis. Each week, you will have the opportunity to attend a live online sessions to talk through the content and have any questions that you have answered. If you have questions that you need answering in the webinar, you can send them through to the WhatsApp group that you will be added to upon enrolment. 

The aim of this program is to help you develop a 5-minute pitch video for practice and expert feedback to help build your confidence when pitching your business.  Completing each activity and exercise and creating a pitch document that you will deliver on camera to receive feedback is the best way to perfect your pitch. 

In addition, you will get extra mentoring from our Chief Mentor, Phil Ore (co-founder of Marketing Entourage and pitch mentor for StartupVic) throughout the program and a chance to book a 1:1 session with an experienced mentor following the completion of the program.

There are only a small number of businesses in each cohort so that we can give you the attention you need, however, because we select the businesses for each cohort we've found that this has nurtured successful business relationships and partnerships as an added bonus. 

Wishing you all every success at growing your business. 


  • Increase buy-in for your idea

    With specific departments, third parties, key people, partners, and with investors. Get really clear on who you need to target, what you should say and what you want from the relationship.

  • Nail your marketing message

    Succinctly communicate your value proposition and share the specific benefits of your offering. What makes it unique in your market, and why people will love what you do.

  • Find your advocates

    Truly understanding your uniqueness and who will value you for what you do. Use your pitch video to help others understand what you do and broaden your reach.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started

  • 2

    Level 1 - Vision

    • Your mission FREE PREVIEW
    • What is vision?
    • What is your vision?
    • Setting SMART goals
    • What is your SMART goal?
    • Have you accomplished your mission?
  • 3

    Level 2 - Market Position

    • Your mission FREE PREVIEW
    • Identifying your competitors
    • Who are your competitors?
    • Creating a SWOT
    • Create your SWOT
    • Value curves
    • A value curve example
    • Analysing your market position
    • Create your value curve
    • What is your market position?
    • Have you accomplished your mission?
  • 4

    Level 3 - Target Customers

    • Your mission FREE PREVIEW
    • Identifying and segmenting your customers
    • An example of customer segmentation
    • Segment your customers
    • Customer personas
    • Determine your customer personas
    • Customer development matrices
    • A customer development matrix example
    • Create your customer development matrix
    • Have you accomplished your mission?
  • 5

    Level 4 - Brand

    • Your mission FREE PREVIEW
    • What does your brand say about you?
    • What do you sound like?
    • What is your brand's personality?
    • Brand touchpoints
    • What are your brand touchpoints?
    • Have you accomplished your mission?
  • 6

    Level 5 - Pitch Perfection

    • Your mission FREE PREVIEW
    • Unique value propositions
    • Create your unique value proposition
    • Building a pitch deck
    • Build your skeleton pitch deck
    • Tips and tricks for a great pitch
    • Have you accomplished your mission?
  • 7

    Level 6 - Your Pitch

  • 8

    Session Recordings

    • Week 1 Check in - Getting Started
    • Week 2 Check-in - Vision
    • Week 3 Check-in Market Position
    • Week 4 Check In - Target Customers
    • Week 6 Check In - Pitch Perfection