Regional Growth Summit: How to get your business to stand out

The Regional Growth Summit for September 2020 was a virtual business summit dedicated to regional Australia. It was held on September 2nd, and included speakers from regional-based businesses such as SafetyCulture, Go1, Subpod, The Royal Mail Hotel, BEAR, T2 and more, 3x masterclasses on marketing strategy, networking sessions and lots of examples on how regional businesses are adapting to change and standing out. If you missed watching the event on the day, or even wanting to go back in to take another look, everything has been recorded to enable you to go in and listen to each session again. We’ve also uploaded slides, important links and resources from each speaker for your reference. Here’s a quick message about the event from our host, Sam Hurley.

Why are we hosting an event like this?

The current global climate has changed all parts of the business community. We recognise that many business owners have limited time, money and resources to work on their business, so this event is focused on creating change using simple steps and providing the inspiration and support that is traditionally hard to access in Regional areas. Based on the current challenges across the country, there are many opportunities to listen to online events that provide theoretical ways to help build a healthy and sustainable business. However, the greatest impact comes from not simply being told, but getting practical help with real-life explanations and examples. 

Our 'Teach, not tell' philosophy allows you to hear from other businesses who have used strategic thinking, technology and marketing as an enabler to create positive change in their business. Central to these connections is the ability of the business community to learn new concepts and practical skills and implement strategies and tools to sustain and grow their business. 

What can I get out of this event?

You will hear from educators and regional business leaders about how you can use marketing, customer experience and technology to help your business stand out. You’ll hear stories of success, and how businesses have leveraged their Regional areas, networks and support to build sustainable businesses. This event is for you whether you are a startup, scale-up or small to medium businesses in Regional Australia. We will also highlight:

  • What human-centred marketing is and how it will help your business connect with customers

  • The importance of understanding and adapting to customer insights

  • Customer and buyer behaviour

  • Masterclasses on marketing strategy, and how to use these to help your business stand out

  • How technology can make your life easier

  • Practical steps to applying learnings

How do I access this event?

For those of you returning to watch the recordings, simply head to the top right and sign in, or click 'My Dashboard' if you are already logged in. You will see the course pop up, and once you click into the course you can resume where you left off or watch from the beginning again using the navigation menu on the left.

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The following councils have purchased a license and are supporting the RGS:

- VIC: Ballarat, Bass Coast, Benalla, Central Goldfields, City of Greater Bendigo, Colac Otway, Corangamite, Glenelg, Greater Shepparton, Hepburn, Horsham, Hume City Council, La Trobe, Loddon, Macedon Ranges, Mansfield, Mitchell Shire, Moorabool, Moyne, Pyrenees Shire, Southern Grampians, Surf Coast, Warrnambool, Wellington, Wodonga, Yarriambiack

- NSW: Mid-Western Regional Council

- QLD: Tablelands Regional Council

If your local council has purchased a license to this event, you will be able to access this content FREE OF CHARGE.

When you click the access button below, you will be taken to a payment page. Enter your details on the left, and your ‘coupon code’ on the right (click ‘have a coupon’ if you can’t see this box straight away). To find out if your council has purchased a license, see the section above or click here to see a full list, and reach out to us via the Regional Growth Project Facebook page to receive your unique access code. If you don't have Facebook, feel free to reach out to us via email at

What is it, and who is this event for?

Businesses in major cities are saturated for choice, so the goal of the Regional Growth Summit is to help balance that playing field, to support community engagement, and develop lasting economic strength for regional Australia. Our focus is to teach business leaders how technology can create a positive impact on their business, saving them time, money, and resources in the long-term, enabling them to focus on their core skills. The Summit will educate and support those who are looking to learn from other regional businesses on what they can do to stand out. It will give you the opportunity to hear stories of success, network building and leveraging a customer-focus that will help you be more efficient and support you to grow your businesses. Be inspired to make small changes for maximum impact!

  • What human-centred marketing is and how it will help your business connect with customers

  • Marketing strategies to help your business stand out

  • The importance of understanding and adapting to customer insights

  • Customer and buyer behaviour

  • How technology can make your life easier

  • Practical steps to applying learnings

  • An entire day full of Regional and Rural stories and showcases

  • A chance to connect with fellow regional and rural business owners


  1. 1
    • Welcome!

    • How his platform works

    • We'd love your feedback so we can use it to improve our program

    • Information about the day

  2. 2
    • Introduction by Director of Strategic Technology Partnerships, Department of Jobs Precincts and Regions, Victoria State Government

  3. 3
    • Rob Hall - The impact of Covid-19 on your local economy

    • Slides from Rob's session

  4. 4
    • Neil Jackson, SafetyCulture

  5. 5
    • Worksheet for the Masterclass

    • Sam Hurley - Marketing Masterclass

    • Sam Hurley Masterclass slides for download

  6. 6
    • Regional entrepreneurship

  7. 7
    • String Nguyen - Personal brand

    • Using the various social media platforms explained by String Nguyen

  8. 8
    • Vu Tran - Going global

  9. 9
    • Kylie - Royal Mail Hotel

    • Slides from Kylie's session

  10. 10
    • Saadi Allan, SubPod

    • Slides from Saadi's session

  11. 11
    • T2 & BEAR

  12. 12
    • Build a marketing action plan with Kim

    • Resources

  13. 13
    • Key Takeaways

  14. 14
    • How was your experience?

    • Keep up to date with RGP

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