Wondering how to execute successful marketing for your startup or business?

Uncover a holistic, human-centred approach to marketing that will help you to get found by the right people, turn them into loyal customers and increase your conversions to ultimately grow your business.

Listen to the workshop Sam, Marketing Entourage's co-founder delivered to the startup community. Growth hack like the best of them with this ultimate guide to catapulting your business, whether you have generous budgets or limited resources. Marketing your startup or small business doesn't have to be hard, especially if you use some of the tips and tricks Sam teaches you in this free course. Having worked with over 500 startups in the last four years, Sam knows that using a customer-centred mindset and focusing on the customer experience are the keys to a business' success. Let her show you how you can do this for yourself.

What's covered in this free course

Sam will talk you through the 10 key components of an effective marketing strategy.

  • Understand how to get people to 'buy in' to what you're doing

  • Learn how to stand out from the crowd

  • Find the people that will love what you do

  • Make an impression on your customers, partners and investors

  • Say the right thing at the right time

  • Get technology working for you

  • Find and be found by your most ideal customers

  • Create moments that make your brand unforgettable

  • Create advocates that will shout your name from the rooftops

  • Track and measure your success to help you reach your goals faster without exceeding your budget

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • A message from your instructor

    • How to use this course

  2. 2
    • What is Marketing?

    • Your Vision

    • Your Market Position

    • Your Target Customers

    • Your Brand

    • I am confident in my marketing knowledge

    • Your Messaging & Content

    • Your CRM

    • Halfway through

    • What is ME Startup?

    • Your Channels to Market

    • Your Customer Experiences

    • Your Employees & Partnerships

    • Your Measurements

    • So to recap, what is Marketing?

  3. 3
    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...

    • ME Startup

Where would you like your business to be?

Imagine feeling more in control of your marketing and knowing exactly what you need to do to hit your goals